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Material and Technology

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High quality

The inflatable sup board has become very popular in just a couple of years. The combination of in the increase in the quality of the boards and the usability turned out to be a golden formula. In the past some concerns arose about the quality of the board. This could surely not be as good as a hardboard? You do not have to worry about this anymore. Read this page especially about the advanced technology that has been processed in a board. Due to the fact that thousands of very sturdy "threads" hold both sides together, this is a very strong construction. Read more about it here!

  • Firmer A multi-layer material that uses the composite Drop Stitch method provides much higher inflation pressures than standard PVC material. Higher pressure inflation provides a more massive floor that improves paddle board performance.
  • Air tight Anti leakage: specialized reinforced double sidewall, that creates an unbreakable and air tight closure for the inflatable SUP creëert.
  • Structure Heavy weight: The very rigid structure strength can resist a weight of more than a ton.
technology car
technology test

All of our supboards are tested for leakage for 96 hours

technology test

Each component is tested separately for each possible performance

technology test

The material for our supboards is tested for 3 years on every weather


Inflatable VS Hardboard

Easy to set upYesYes
Easily transportableYes--
Absorbs forceYes--
Durable surfaceYes--
Easy to storeYes--
Less expensiveYes--
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