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Purchase Guide for Advanced Paddle Boarders

Purchase Guide for Advanced Paddle Boarders

After reading this purchase guide you will know exactly which paddle board is most suitable for you

Paddle Board Purchase Guide for Advanced Paddle Boarders

Have you been paddle boarding for a while and are you ready for the next step? Then quickly read out this Paddle Board Purchase Guide for Advanced Paddle Boarders, so you can be sure to pick a good board for the years to come. First of all, when are you an advanced paddle Boarder?


This guide is suitable for people:

  • That have been on a paddle board for at least one season;
  • Who want to get the most out of their paddle board adventure;
  • Who want to use their paddle board for anything other than paddle boarding, like windsurfing.

1. Things you have to consider before your purchase


The size of the paddle board plays an important rol in the function of the paddle board. The thickness, ranging from 3.9 to 5.9 inches, says a lot about the quality of the paddle board. 3.9 inch thick boards are of a bit lower quality and are less stable in the water. For the length and the width this almost always applies: the longer and wider the paddle board, the more stable. Some paddle boards (like the Aqua Marina Race) are made with a pointy shaped front. This allows for more speed.


Hardboard or inflatable.
Do you choose a hardboard or inflatable board? In our online store we only offer inflatable boards. We made this choice because the inflatable boards with today's techniques have become very solid, so there is little difference in the recreational market. Some advantages of an inflatable paddle board compared to a hardboard are:

  • Board fits easily into the car
  • Boards are very firm because of new technology
  • After the season you can easily store a paddle board
  • You can easily take your paddle board on vacation
  • An inflatable model is (a lot) cheaper
 technology paddle board board 

Use of a paddle board
It is important to consider which type of paddle boarder you are for before you purchase it. Are you planning to tour long distances, do you want adventure or do you choose an alternative use by for example using it for windsurfing? It is important to determine this in advance, because the type of board – of course – is different if you have different needs!



  • The stability of a paddle board increases as it is longer and wider. Also the thickness of a paddle board is important to determine. Paddle boards with a thickness of 5.9" are of higher quality.
  • Decide if you want a hardboard or inflatable. In our online store we only offer inflatable boards. See the advantages of an inflatable paddle board above.
  • It is important to consider what you want to use a paddle board for before you purchase it

Top 5 inflatable paddle boards for advanced

ProductThicknessSizeSuitable for:Price
1. MOAI Paddle Board5.9"11'98 x 2'69Touring€449
2. Aqua Marina Atlas5.9"9'84 x 75 cmWindsurfing€1075
3. Aqua Marina Race5.9"427 cm x 71 cmRace€529
4. ZRAY A55.9"385 cm x 81 cmTouring€575
5. Aqua Marina Flow5.9"297 cm x 81 cmYoga and Fitness€449

1. MOAI Paddle Board


Not just great in design but also in performance. An absolute amazing board for the advanced user. The MOAI Paddle Board is fast, has great anti-slip and is super stable.

Brief specifications

  • Brand: MOAI
  • Weight board: 26.5 lbs
  • Thickness board: 5.9"
  • Size: 10.8' x 2.5'
  • Max. load weight: 330.7 lbs
  • Check out all the specifications


    • Very stable product of absolute top quality
    • Beautiful design
    • Suitable for carrying children or luggage

    2. Aqua Marina Atlas


    The Aqua Marina Atlas has been designed for the true water sports enthusiast.

    Brief specifications

  • Brand: Aqua Marina
  • Weight board: 24.3 lbs
  • Thickness board: 5.9"
  • Size: 12'0" x 33"
  • Max. load weight: 374 lbs
  • Check out all the specifications


    • Beautiful new design, previously the Aqua Marina Monster
    • Most popular paddle board
    • Including extra fin voor stability

    3. Aqua Marina Race


    Due to the sporty shape of this race board, high speeds can be achieved. For this reason, the Aqua Marina RACE is an undisputed great board. Fast, stable and moves great in the water. Met zijn 427 cm weet je zeker dat je een top model in huis haalt wanneer je net wat meer uit jouw avontuur wilt halen.

    Brief specifications

  • Brand: Aqua Marina
  • Weight board: 10,7 kg
  • Thickness board: 5.9"
  • Size: 427 cm x 71 cm
  • Max. load weight: 160 kg
  • Check out all the specifications


    • The size of the paddle board provides a lot of speed and stability
    • Specially designed for speed
    • Strong appearance

    4. ZRAY A5 premium


    The ZRAY A5 is the pride of ZRAY. This touring paddle board is suitable for long distances, lots of stability and sporty tours. You choose this paddle board when you like long trips but want this on a somewhat more comfortable board than the entry level. With almost 4 meters length and 15 cm thickness, you can be sure you get a stable board of the highest quality.

    Brief specifications

  • Brand: ZRAY
  • Weight board: 13,9 kg
  • Thickness board: 5.9"
  • Size: 385 cm x 81 cm
  • Max. load weight: 175 kg
  • Check out all the specifications


    • Perfect board for touring
    • Almost 4 meters long and very stable
    • Fin detachable for more stability

    5. Aqua Marina Flow


    This paddle board is for the user who not only wants to paddle, but wants to use it as a true workout. With its extra stability and comfort, the flat front and back of this paddle board are specially designed for the ideal paddle board Yoga workout. The board is 15 centimeters thick and sits peacefully on the water.

    Brief specifications

  • Brand: Aqua Marina
  • Weight board: 9 kg
  • Thickness board: 5.9"
  • Size: 297 cm x 81 cm
  • Max. load weight: 120 kg
  • Check out all the specifications


    • Extra stability and comfort
    • Also suitable for normal paddle boarding
    • Convenient handle and luggage net

    Must have accessories


    Everyone who is on a paddle board should keep in mind that he / she brings the correct accessories. Of course, it is always important to have a life jacket and an ankle cord. However, are you looking for unique accessories? Check out the most recommended and unique ones:

    Carbon Paddle

    The best paddles are made of carbon. These are lighter in weight and provide better performance. All carbon paddles can be adjusted in length so it's always suitable for your specific length. The advantage of carbon is that the stiffness of the carbon allows less material to be used. This allows higher performance to be delivered with less weight. Do you travel for a long time or want to maneuver over the water quickly, then choose a carbon paddle.

    Electric pump

    Tired of manually inflating your paddle board? Buy an electric pump! This works on a cigarette lighter of a car or can inflate up to 20 psi with battery clamps. You can also easily suck air out of your paddle board.

    Power Fin

    Do you really want a unique experience? Buy the new Aqua Marina Power Fin. This patented product is a motor under your paddle board. This can be attached to all Aqua Marina paddle boards, and virtually any other (inflatable) board of a different brand. This engine allows you to paddle over the water with about 5 km per hour. This may not seem fast, but combined with your own strength this ensures that you can achieve enormous speeds. Absolute revolution in paddle board watersports.



    Hopefully, this guide helped you make a decision. Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can mail us at sup@99webshops.nl or start a chat on the right side of the screen. Would you rather see the product before your purchase? We have a showroom in the Netherlands. Check our contact page for opening times and the address.


    Not sure if you want an inflatable paddle board?
    Just look at the benefits compared to a hardboard:

    • (Much) cheaper to buy
    • Easy to transport
    • Easy to take on vacation
    • Easy to store