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Aqua Marina Super Trip Test

Aqua Marina Super Trip Test
Rating: 8.2

The board is mainly suitable for multiple people to paddleboard on. With a carrying capacity of 463 lbs, you can easily paddle with three people on this paddle board.

Welcome to the Aqua Marina Super Trip test. In this series of multiple articles, we do the Aqua Marina Paddle Board test,this time with the Super Trip.

We have chosen to also write an extensive review for this board because it has gained tremendous popularity last year. This Stand Up Paddle board has only been available since 2017, but was a direct success with the general public.

In the Aqua Marina Super Trip test we will take a look at this board objectively. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the board as objectively as possible and describe who this board is suitable for.

Do you still doubt after reading this test or reading our purchase guide which SUP board you want to purchase? Then please contact with us and we'll be happy to help you.

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Summary Aqua Marina Super Trip test

The Aqua Marina Super Trip is a bit of the stranger in our midst. The board is mainly suitable for multiple people that want to paddle board together. With a carrying weight of no less than 463 lbs, you can easily use this paddle board with two or three people. Most of all this board has a high entertainment value.

It is not a very practical board to go paddleboarding on your own and we therefore recommend you buy this board if you are planning to almost always go paddle boarding with a companion.. We recommend the board especially if you want to have a lot of water fun or want to tour. The paddle board is not suitable for wilder water. What does stand out is the quality of the board you're standing on. Aqua Marina has very much taken into account the fact that there might be children or pets on it. There is a lot of grip and the hardness of the paddle board is sublime.

We give this board a lower rating because you are quite limited when it comes to use. The paddle board is mainly fun with several people or with a pet. If you just want to go on the water on your own and spend a day paddle boarding, this is not your best choice.

    Advantages Aqua Marina Super Trip

  • Maximum carrying capacity of 463 lbs. More than enough to take children and pets with you.
  • Very high entertainment value.
  • With a length of 12.1' and a width of 2.9' you will always have enough space.
  • Lightweight compared to its size (27.1 lbs)

    Disadvantages Aqua Marina Super Trip

  • Not really suitable for paddleboarding on your own.
  • Only recommended in quieter waters, such as a lake or pond.
  • No paddle included with purchase.
Specifications of the board
  • Size: 12.1' x 2.9'
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Weight board: 27.1 lbs
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 463 lbs
  • Pressure: 15 PSI
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The Supboard-99 Aqua Marina Super Trip test

The Super Trip is, as said before, a different board that is absolutely not comparable to the other paddle boards we tested that day:

However, for the sake of completeness we have included the links, so that you can also read about our other experiences.

The Aqua Marina Super Trip did not get a big introduction by the brand, it just suddenly appeared on the market. We often got the question from customers if there was no larger paddle board available for paddle boarding with multiple people.

This question was apparently asked a lot all over the world because in 2017 the Super Trip suddenly came on the market. And how! Especially in the UK the board was extremely popular and also in our shop the board was quickly sold out.

Did you know that you can drive over your paddle board with a big car without breaking it?

In reality

Once the big package was unwrapped, our test could begin. First of all, the unpacking. The Super Trip comes with a high pressure pump, carrying bag and 3 fins. Three fins are not often found on other paddle boards but are included here for extra stability.

After about 12 minutes of inflating we could get up on the water. Right away with the two of us. In the beginning it was quite uncomfortable so we started with paddle boarding on our knees. This went well and after only a few minutes we were able to get on our feet standing up..

The first thing we noticed were the stability and the quality of the board. You have a lot of grip because of the huge anti-slip surface all over the paddle board. The three fins also helpt significantly in keeping the Super Trip stable. Finally it does also help a lot that the board is 15 cm thick and pretty wide. All this makes the paddle board very suitable for more people to go paddling together on the water. The included bungee cord assures that you can easily take all the necessary stuff.

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After our joint adventure one of us went out on the water alone for a while. This went fine but as a fanatic paddle boarder you miss the sense of adventure.. The board is simply too big to tour on your own or to brave wilder water. Of course it is possible to paddle board on your own with this board, but the size of the board makes it difficult to manoeuvre over the water.

Conclusion: the Super Trip has an enormously high entertainment value. It is super fun to paddle board with more people. Moreover, it is an incredibly sturdy and stable product. We don't really recommend the product if you also want to do a lot of paddle boarding on your own, the board is simply too big for that.

What extras do you receive upon purchase of the Aqua Marina Super Trip?

  • High pressure pump for the quick inflation of your paddle board. This took us about 12 minutes.
  • Easy to store in the winter
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Three extra fins for more stability
Did you know that this SUP board can be inflated within 8 - 12 minutes?
Aqua Marina Super Trip alternative

Meanwhile Aqua Marina has released an even larger version of the Super Trip: the Aqua Marina Mega. This SUP is no less than 18'1" long and 60" wide. With a maximum carrying capacity of 1433 lbs you can easily enjoy this huge board with up to 8 people.

Did you know: the Super Trip paddle board was such a big hit that Aqua Marina understood there was a market for bigger paddle boards. This is why in 2018 they released the Aqua Marina Mega. You can use this board to paddle with up to 6 or even 8 people!
    We think this board is suitable for:
  • Families with children and/or pets
  • People that purchase a paddle board for fun and not as a workout or sport
  • Smooth water (puddles and lakes)
    Not suitable for:
  • Waters with strong current
  • Difficult to use on your own

Frequently asked questions about the Aqua Marina Super Trip

Following the Aqua Marina Super Trip test, the following questions have been received:

  • Can my child inflate the paddle board?

    We recommend that you inflate the board yourself. The first 8 PSI is quite easy to inflate but after that it takes a bit more power. As said before, it takes about 12 minutes in total to fully inflate the paddle board.

More questions?

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send us an email, start a chat or call us for more information.

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