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Aqua Marina Fusion Test

Aqua Marina Fusion Test
Rating: 9.2

"The Aqua Marina Fusion lives up to the high expectations. It is one of the most sold inflatable SUP boards and this is justified. The SUP board is great on the water and is very sturdy."

Welcome to the Aqua Marina Fusion test! In this series of several articles we do the Aqua Marina SUP test, with this time the Fusion. This orange black board has been one of the best selling SUP boards in our online store for years.

The combination of design, price and quality makes it a very succesfull Stand Up Paddle board. In the Aqua Marina Fusion test we will take an objective look at the board, the pros and cons and if this board is suited for you. Do you still have doubts after reading this test or are you still not sure which SUP board you would like to purchase after reading our purchase guide?
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Recap Aqua Marina Fusion Test

The Aqua Marina Fusion lives up to the high expectations. It is one of the most sold inflatable SUP boards and this is justified. The SUP board is great on the water and is very sturdy.

The Fusion is suitable for the sporty user that wants to tour on both calm as slightly wilder waters (rivers). This SUP is also great at sea, but mostly for the recreational user and not with high waves.

    Pros Aqua Marina Fusion

  • Very interesting price
  • Upon purchase you get a complete package so you do not have to incur extra costs to start
  • Suitable for both quiet and slightly wilder water
  • Lightweight product that is easy to carry and inflate
  • Is wonderful on the water compared to a 4.7" thick board
  • Possible to attach a SUP seat (not included)

    Cons Aqua Marina Fusion

  • Maximum capacity of 308.6 lbs, this can sometimes be too little
  • Not so agile due to its length
  • The board is not fast enough for the advanced SUP boarder (5+ years experience)

Specifications of the board

  • Size: 10.3' x 2.5'
  • Thickness: 5.9"
  • Weight board: 18.5 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 286.6
  • Pressure: 15 PSI

On a dry day in June we have taken the Aqua Marina Fusion on the water to test the board thoroughly. We have taken a set of Aqua Marina boards with us, which contains:

You can follow the links to read the experiences of the other boards.

The Supboard-99 Aqua Marina Fusion test

We tested the SUP boards in the above order and we noticed this immediately. After we switched from the Aqua Marina Vapor to the Fusion we became a lot happier. The Fusion is a bit longer with its length of 10' and you can feel this right away. The thickness of 5.9" is also a huge improvement, especially for the recreational user. Because the board is thicker it is a lot more stable on the water.

Going back to the beginning. The Fusion is an inflatable SUP board, that you can easily carry along in a package the size of a spacious backpack (which is included free of charge). Inflating the Aqua Marina Fusion takes between 5 and 10 minutes with the free supplied pump. In total, the board weighs approximately 18.5 lbs but it is easy to lift with the handle attached to the SUP board.

Now of course we already have a lot of experience with SUP boarding and also with inflatable SUP boards. Nevertheless, we noticed how easy en stable this SUP is and how relatively easy you can get on the SUP board. Sometimes this is - especially for real beginners - relatively difficult but this is not the case with the Fusion.

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After having tested the board for about an hour, we arrived at a one-sided conclusion: this is an extremely good board. It is wonderfully flat in the water, is super sturdy and perfectly suited for quiet but also somewhat wilder water (rivers, sea). You do not want to catch high waves but you will not be bothered when the water is playful. This board is especially suitable for starters and people who have less than 5 years of SUP experience. The board is not very fast (partly because it is inflatable) but mainly focuses on sportiness and fun.

    We think this board is suitable for:
  • People with less than 5 years of SUP experience
  • Touring
  • Flat to moving water (quiet rivers, calm sea)
    Not suitable for:
  • Racing
  • Advanced users (more than 5 years of experience)
Did you know that you can easily drive over a SUP board with a large truck, without anything happening?
Customer experiences

We do a lot of inquiring with consumers when it comes to our products. Our customers are also enthusiastic about this SUP board. Especially the design is very appealing. The board stands out with its modern design with beautiful color contrast. What one is mainly surprised about is the hardness of the board. The board is inflatable but is made with a double drop stitch construction. You can read a bit more about the technology in a SUP board and why it is so hard.

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Frequently asked questions about the Aqua Marina Fusion

Following the Aqua Marina Fusion test we have received many questions. That is why we included a section in the test in which we answer the most frequently asked questions.

  • How many fins are at the bottom of the Fusion?

    There is one fin on the bottom of the SUP board, in the middle.

  • Is the Fusion the new Aqua Marina SPK-3?

    That is correct. The SPK-3 is the predecessor of the Fusion. In 2015 SPK-3 was the common name for the Fusion and it had a different design. Since 2016 the name has been changed to Fusion and the board has undergone a metamorphosis.

  • Why should I choose a Fusion board and not an Aqua Marina Vapor?

    The Aqua Marina Vapor is slightly cheaper than the Fusion and this is why many people consider buying an Aqua Marina Vapor rather than a Fusion. Make no mistake, however, in the advantages that the Fusion has: the board is thicker and thus more sturdy. stable and more robust. The board can carry more weight and is suitable to take along a pet or extra person. The colour and the design are personal, we make no statements about whether the Fusion is more beautiful than the Vapor or vice versa. That is totally up to you!

  • More questions?
  • Do you have any questions? Feel free to send an email, start a chat or call us for more information.

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