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Aqua Marina Beast Test

Aqua Marina Beast Test
Rating: 8,9

"The Aqua Marina Beast is one of the latest Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle Boards. A sturdy all-round board to take on many adventures!"

One of the latest Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle Boards, the Aqua Marina Beast inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, is a stable allround board, with a size of 10.5' x 2.7' and a thickness of 5.9". With a weight of 20.5 lbs and a maximum carrying capacity of 308.6 lbs this colourfull board is a great choice for many activities and it has a number of nice features.

The Aqua Marina SUP collection keeps expanding further. They always release new and sensational Stand Up Paddle Boards and SUP accessories, this year they added some great boards again.

Beautiful Aqua Marina Design and good price

Well known for their colorful designs and very good prices, Aqua Marina has a wide range of inflatable SUP boards.

In this Aqua Marina Beast test kwe look at this new model. Design, specifications, advantages and disadvantages and more.

Are you in a hurry? Here is a brief summary ...

    Advantages Aqua Marina Beast

  • Affordable
  • Light
  • Have fun with paddling
  • The length of 10.5' is perfect
  • Stable and incredibly stiff

    Disadvantages Aqua Marina Beast

  • No handles at front / rear
  • SUP backpack has no handles
Specifications of the Aqua Marina Beast
  • Size: 10.5' x 2.7'
  • Thickness: 5.9"
  • Weight board: 20.5 lbs
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 308.6 lbs
  • Pressure: 15 PSI
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Aqua Marina Beast test: An overview of this inflatable SUP board

The Aqua Marina Beast is a versatile allround inflatable SUP Board, which is a nice addition to the existing collection.

Where the Aqua Marina Fusion and Vapor models are sold very often and have many fans, more and more people are looking for a slightly wider and more stable board with a length of 10.5'.

The thickness of 5.9" and the width of 2.7' of the Aqua Marina Beast make it an extremely stable SUP and the board feels very stiff, if it is inflated to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI.


The surface of the Beast is covered with a anti-slip mat with honeycomb pattern in EVA foam. The multi-colored surface feels very nice on the feet and it has a handy Kick-Tail-Wedge on the read side, making it easier to make turns and other moves for advanced SUP boarders.

In the middle of the board is a practical handle, that makes it easy to carry the board when it is inflated.

Did you know that you can easily drive over a SUP-board with a large truck without anything happening?

What do you receive when you purchase the Aqua Marina Beast?

On the front of the board there are four stainless steel D-rings and an elastic storage cord, that is perfect to bring your snorkel gear, dry bag, slippers and other handy stuff.

At the back of the board is an air vent as well as a fifth D-ring for the attaching of a SUP leash

The bottom of the board has an Aqua Marina Beast image of a ray and a large detachable fin. The fin is attached to the board with a plastic clip, so that no tools or screws are necessary.

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As mentioned before, the board has a very high stiffness, if it is fully inflated to 15 PSI. The Beast is certainly more stable than the Fusion and Magma models from Aqua Marina. Although the board is not aimed at breaking speed records it glides over the water and gives a lot of fun when paddling.

As far as the steerability is concerned, this board is very good and the raised Kick Tail is ideal for Pivot Turns. The package of the Aqua Marina Beast includes a paddle, a light MAGIC iSUP backpack, a high-pressure pump, a pressure gauge, a SUP leash, a valve adapter, a manual and a repair kit for inflatable SUP boards..

Aqua Marina backpack MAGIC

The MAGIC backpack by Aqua Marina is a very handy SUP-bag, which you wrap around the inflatable SUP board, when it is empty and rolled up. The bag is folded around the board and secured by tightening the adjustable straps.

If you are looking for an extremely strong SUP-backpack, which is resistant to harsh conditions and that is not handled properly (as can sometimes happen at the airport) it might be useful to look for a slightly heavier and sturdy bag. In normal circumstances, however, this bag is perfect to bring your SUP board.

On the back of the bag are two simple shoulder straps and a chest strap to keep the backpack stable. On the side of the bag is a handy paddle holder.
This bag unfortunately has no handles, where a handle at the top would be nice in some situations.

In the Aqua Marina Beast package

The supplied Jombo hand pump is a basic model and is supplied with a pressure gauge, which is easy to twist on. This pump is not as efficient as some other SUP pumps, since it does not have a dual function, but is sufficient to do the job.
The supplied SUP leash, that is included in the package of the Aqua Marina Beast, is also included with all other new boards of the 2019 collection.

The supplied valve adapter ensures that you can also inflate the board with an air compressor or a tire pump. The iSUP repair kit is delivered with two large PVC patches and a valve key.

Did you know that this board can be inflated within 5 to 10 minutes?
Closing words Aqua Marina Beast test

In general, the Aqua Marina Beast is an inflatable SUP Board, that is super sturdy, is affordable and has some cool features. This is an ideal Allround-board for beginners and more advanced SUP boarders, and the versatile design makes it possible to paddle in many different circumstances.

The Beast offers a great stiffness thanks to the 5.9" thickness and with one fin the board sails surprisingly well.

We love the striking design of this new model and the additional SUP leashis a very useful addition. Also the heightened Kick-Tail, that the Aqua Marina Beast has is very practical to make Pivot-Turns and perform other maneuvers.

The included accessories are fairly standard, but do what they are made for. In the future we would like to see a handle added to the MAGIC backpack.

All in all we are very impressed by the Aqua Marinas Beast iSUP and we can surely recommend this for price-conscious SUP boarders looking for a beautiful Allround iSUP.

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    We find this SUP board suitable for:
  • Individuals with less than 5 years of experience
  • Touring
  • Flat water (quiet rivers, calm sea)
    Not suitable for:
  • Racing
  • Advanced users (more than 5 years experience)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Aqua Marina Beast

Following the Aqua Marina Beast test, many questions have been received. For this reason we have included a section in the test, in which we answer the most frequently asked questions.

  • How many fins are there at the bottom of the Beast?

    There is one fin at the bottom of the SUP board, in the middle.

  • Is the included paddle height adjustable?

    Yes, it is adjustable in height.

  • How long does it take to inflate and deflate the inflatable board?

    It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to inflate the board with the supplied high pressure pump.

More questions?

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