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Aqua Marina Atlas Test

Aqua Marina Atlas test
Rating: 9.0

"The board is super sturdy, is great on the water and has a perfect size.
The board is 12' long and has a loading weight of 375 lbs.
So you can take a pet or your child on the water without worries."

Welcome to the Aqua Marina Atlas test! In this series of several articles we do the Aqua Marina SUP test, with this time the Atlas.

The Atlas is seen as one of the best boards of Aqua Marina. This red and black product is therefore one of the best-selling SUP boards on our website.

In the Aqua Marina Atlas test we will take an objective look at the board. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the board as objectively as possible and describe for who this board is suitable.

Do you still have doubts after reading this test or are you still not sure which SUP board you would like to purchase after reading our purchase guide?
Then please contact us and we are happy to help you.

Recap Aqua Marina Atlas Test

The Aqua Marina Atlas has been our favorite for years.

The board is super sturdy, is great on the water and has a perfect size. The board is 12' long and has a loading weight of 375 lbs.

So you can take a pet or your child on the water without worries. Two adults are unfortunately not (often) possible.

We find the board the most suitable for calm and slightly wilder waters (flowing river). For the big waves it is better to look for a sportier model but otherwise you can use the Atlas everywhere.

We think it is a fantastic board that we have been enjoying for years.

    Pros Aqua Marina Atlas

  • Great value for money
  • Upon purchase you get a complete package so you do not have to incur extra costs to start
  • Suitable for both quiet and slightly wilder water
  • The length of 12' is perfect
  • Stable and incredibly stiff

    Cons Aqua Marina Atlas

  • One of the more expensive boards of Aqua Marina
  • Loading weight of 375 lbs. This is often not enough for two adults
  • No possibility to attach a seat
Specifications of the board
  • Size: 12' x 2.8'
  • Thickness: 5.9"
  • Weight board: 24.3 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 375 lbs
  • Pressure: 15 PSI
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The Supboard-99 Aqua Marina Atlas test

We started testing the various SUP boards but we already knew what we could expect from the Atlas (formerly Aqua Marina Monster). This is the board on which we have been standing for years in the summer days.

When we started with SUP boards and with this online store, the Aqua Marina Atlas was one of the first SUP boards that we were really happy with.

Nevertheless, we have taken the board to test for a direct comparison between his big rivals: the Magma and the Fusion.

The Fusion is slightly cheaper and the Magma is in the same price class; but what is the difference?

What we really like about this specific SUP board is the length of it. Everyone is actually unanimous about the ease of the Atlas SUP: with 12' length and 5.9' width this board is very stable on the water.

The drop stitch technology becomes more advanced every year, which makes the board rock hard and you barely feel that you are standing on an inflatable. The thickness of 5.9" provides extra stability because the board reacts less to waves and other movements of the water.

This makes the Aqua Marina Atlas ideal for less experienced SUP boarders.

Did you know that you can easily drive over a SUP board with a large truck, without anything happening?

What do you get when purchasing the Aqua Marina Atlas?

Are you going to take the step to purchase a Atlas SUP board then you are actually ready in one go. Standard included is a high-pressure pump, a carrying bag and a paddle.

Note: the free paddle is a promotion of our online store and is therefore as long as the stock lasts. View the product page to see if this promotion is still valid.

The Aqua Marina Atlas is a pretty heavy SUP. With its 24.3 lbs it is heavier than for example the Aqua Marina Magma, that only weighs 21.2 lbs. For us this has never been a negative factor.

More weight usually means more stability in the water.
When you have inflated the SUP you can easily carry it through the handle that is attached right in the middle of the SUP board.

Purchase your Aqua Marina Atlas >

The fact that this SUP board is inflatable, has only advantages in our opinion:

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store during the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. These boards are now almost impossible to distinguish from hard boards.
  • A disadvantage of an inflatable board is that less speed can be achieved and that the inflatable boards are more suitable for beginners and less for advanced users..
Did you know that you can inflate this board within 5 to 10 minutes?
Difference between the Atlas, Fusion and Magma

We often get questions about the difference between the Aqua Marina Atlas, the Fusion and the Magma. These boards have aproximately the same price range but do have some differences between them.

We do not make statements about the design because that of course is very personal. Determine yourself which board you like and which appeals to you the most.

The Fusion and Atlas are models that have been around for several years and keep being improved. In 2016 the Magma has been added to the family.

This board has a kickpad at the back of the board. You can rest your foot against it so that the board is slightly raised at the front. This way you can make it a bit more difficult and sportier for yourself.

All three boards are 5.9" thick and therefore extra strong

The board has also been made slightly lighter due to new techniques, which will result in more speed. You prefer the Aqua Marina Magma over the Atlas when you want more challenge and speed. Note: the board is therefore more difficult to use.

The Fusion is very similar to the Atlas in terms of the board. It contains the same technology and you see that they also look very similar in design (apart from the color).

The only reason why the Fusion is cheaper is the size of the board. The board is 1.7' shorter and 3.1" less wide.

When SUP boarding it is also great on the Aqua Marina Fusion, which is why we do praise this SUP board in the Aqua Marina Fusion test.

Looking for a cheaper board with 4.7" thickness? Read our Aqua Marina Vapor test
    We think this board is suitable for:
  • People with less than 5 years of SUP experience
  • Touring
  • Flat to moving water (quiet rivers, calm sea)
    Not suitable for:
  • Racing
  • Advanced users (more than 5 years experience)

Frequently asked questions about the Aqua Marina Atlas

Following the Aqua Marina Atlas test we have received many questions That is why we included a section in the test in which we answer the most frequently asked questions.

  • Is the Atlas the new Aqua Marina Monster?

    That is correct. The Monster is the predecessor of the Atlas. In 2018 Monster was the common name for the Atlas and it had a different design.

    Since 2019 the name has been changed to Atlas and the board has undergone a metamorphosis.

  • How many fins are at the bottom of the Atlas?

    There is one fin on the bottom of the SUP board, in the middle.

  • Is the supplied paddle height adjustable?

    Yes, this is height adjustable.

  • How much time does inflating and deflating the SUP board take?

    It will take between 5 and 10 minuten to inflate the board with the freely supplied high-pressure pump

More questions?

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send an email, start a chat or call us for more information.

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