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Supboard-99 is the sporty online store for your new paddle board, SUP paddle and other accessories. All our Stand Up Paddle Boards are inflatable and of the highest quality. We offer at least 1 year warranty on all our products.

Choose your inflatable paddle board by your interests and experience years. We have arranged the various inflatables according to your wishes and needs.

You can find inflatable paddle boards to relax, to tour (long trips on relatively calm water like lakes) or boards that you want to use for a special challenge. We also offer racing boards, Yoga paddle boards, paddleboards for fishing, windsurfing and much more.

Check out all of our products for children and adults and order the inflatable board that suits you best.

In Aqua Marina Paddle Board Test we give you an honest opinion and do not just describe the advantages of a board. We try to look at a paddle board from different angles and from the point of view of different users.

Enjoy nature, work out and enjoy yourself by sliding over the water.

Check out all of our products for children and adults and order the inflatable board that suits you best.

Enjoy nature, work out and enjoy yourself by sliding over the water.

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The holiday period is on its way again and what could be better than taking your Paddle board with you on vacation? Take this into account when purchasing your new board and opt for an inflatable SUP board. You can easily take this to your favorite holiday destination or for a weekend or a day trip on the coast and other waters. An inflatable SUP board offers comfort and is also easy to carry. Need more reasons to buy an inflatable SUP? Then read our SUP-blog , where we regularly post news about SUP-boarding, tips, facts, SUP-tests and more!

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Different types of Boards

To find the ideal inflatable SUP it is important to know the difference between the types. Below you will find the six most popular types of paddle boards available.


All-Round Paddle Board

The perfect choice for beginners. Versatile and can be used in all circumstances. The most common type of board.

Surf SUP

A very good choice for advanced paddlers. For those who want more action with their paddleboard experience. Less stable on the water = easier to fall off. Very agile in the waves, easy to take turns.

Touring SUP-Board

The best choice for paddlers who are interested in intensive training. Developed for long distances on flat water. Wide and stable enough for beginners.

Racing SUP

Designed for races on flat water or open ocean competitions. Extra length and extra width, allowing a high sprint speed and a long sliding efficiency.

Fishing SUP-Board

The choice for those who like to go fishing but do not want to invest in a boat or kayak. Fishing boards have the most volume, so you stay high and dry. With the rod holders you can personalize your fishing experience.


Designed for yoga, paddling on flat water and all fitness exercises. Built for stability. The wide surface offers enough space for yoga.

About Us

Supboard-99 is the ultimate comparison and testing website for stand-up paddle boards (SUPs). It provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews of the best SUPs on the market to help users make informed decisions when purchasing their own board.

Supboard-99 features an easy-to-navigate website that includes detailed information on each board, such as its dimensions, weight capacity, and materials used in construction. The website also includes a comparison tool that allows users to compare multiple boards side-by-side, helping them find the perfect board to suit their needs.

The Supboard-99 team is made up of experienced paddle boarders who have tested and reviewed hundreds of boards over the years. Their expertise and knowledge of the sport ensure that the reviews and recommendations provided on the website are accurate and reliable.

In addition to reviews and comparisons, Supboard-99 also features informative articles and guides on all aspects of paddle boarding, including how to choose the right board, paddling techniques, and safety tips.

Overall, Supboard-99 is the go-to website for anyone looking to purchase a stand-up paddle board. With its comprehensive reviews, comparison tool, and expert knowledge, users can trust that they are getting the best advice and recommendations to make their paddle boarding experience the best it can be.

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Reviews by Brand

In our online store you will find a wide range of boards from three different brands. The largest collection consists of Aqua Marina paddle boards, but we also offer Bluefin paddle boards and MOAI SUP boards. All brands make high-quality boards and are among the best inflatable paddle boards.

We offer the most sought-after models, such as the Aqua Marina Fusion, the Aqua Marina Atlas, the Aqua Marina Magma, the Bluefin Cruise, Bluefin Cruise Carbon and many more popular models.

NEW! You can now also find the Aqua Marina 2023 collection on our website. Quickly view all new boards, specifications and designs. The Aqua Marina Mega is the largest inflatable paddle board of all time, the Aqua Marina Peace is the new revolutionary Yoga paddle board and the Aqua Marina Blade offers the best windsurfing experience on a paddle board. There are many other new products such as the Aqua Marina Atlas, the Aqua Marina Hyper and the Aqua Marina Triton. View all products and find the suitable one for you!